Wednesday, April 16, 2008

quiz and figure 8

lets start today with a quiz. what do all of the following objects have in common? witty answer will come at the bottom of the post.

first, let me say, i am a horrible knitter. i dont find it relaxing, in fact, it makes me a little tense. the part i like.. the repetition. all i know how to do is knit, no purling here. i can barely cast on. but.. i decided to try making a cowl neck scarf/hat thingy (great blog by the way) that i have seen floating around in blog land. i have had a pair of circular needles hanging around for a while so i thought i would give it a try. the yarn is a combo of brown and white wool from a local farm.

it took me forever to try and figure out how to knit in a circle. i really thought i had it. i even got into it about 6 inches by the time i figured out 1. i wasnt going to have enough yarn to even get close to the length i needed. 2. it was looking an awful lot like a knit, purl to me.. odd. and 3. i was making a figure 8 that couldnt be straitened out. so.. yesterday morning the unraveling began. good thing i dont really get attached to knitting. now, i am knitting it on #10's (or 15's?) as a big rectangle that i will sew together when i get the right length. much more my speed.

this is before the unraveling.

and.. our first glimpses of pussy willows. i love these, so pretty and simple. i think they would make a nice quilt motif.

and.. the answer to the quiz: a sampling of the items i had to pry out of eliots mouth today. does the oral fixation ever stop?!

1 comment:

Heather L. said...

What pretty yarn to knit with! I must say, I did guess pretty well what the answer to your quiz was, before I saw the anwer. :) It's amazing what they can get into!

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