Monday, November 12, 2007


a rare afternoon nap for eliot today. i had him all ready to go for a walk and whamo.. he fell asleep. i probably should be crafting but instead i am poking around (wasting time) on the internet and drinking a beer. a mama deserves a break once in a while right?

i took some pictures of the crafting i am working on for the holiday fair. i am making little wrap jackets first. they were going to be sweaters but they are heavy enough to be jackets. i think i will do a little embroidery or applique on them once i get through the stack. they still need buttons.. have about 7 more to go.. halfway there. then it is on to pants and hats. everything else will be a bonus i think!

he loves looking out the window!


Heather L. said...

Oh it looks so industrious! I'm starting to get itching fingers to work on some sort of Christmas project. Michael might take the kids away to visit family in December for a few days and maybe, just maybe, I can get on the sewing machine!

Rebecca said...

your wrap jackets are adorable.

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