Friday, November 16, 2007

looking for inspiration

i have been looking for inspiration for a little christmas commission coming up. i am going to make an owl and a dog. i think this is my number one chose for the owl and then something along the lines of this for the dog.

i have some pictures to post but i forgot to download them off my camera.. i have one of my hat pattern that i worked out. i can start working on those soon. making progress!

there are a lot of interesting owl links out there:

ann wood
one red robin
little birds


Heather L. said...

Those are so cute!!! Rachel spent all day yesterday making cards for Christmas presents. :) It was so cute. She's still doing more today. She's getting her own sewing basket and projects next week for her birthday, so we'll see what she does with that. :)

Pam Strayer said...

It's your now California connection.
I tried identifying your mushroom cluster. Since they appeared so late in the season, my guess is: Late Fall Oyster or Pleurotus serotinus.
Good luck with the craft fair. I love the little jacket you've created.
Inky and I have recovered from Logan finally.

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