Sunday, November 04, 2007


i finally found out the picture that i had in Oprah magazine for the farm i mentioned last post! it was the february issue i think..i tried to get a copy but they never got back to me. if anyone has it kicking around let me know!

i knew it was a picture of a cow but i wasn't sure which one it was. i also though it was going to be a teeny postage size picture but it is quite large at about 3 or 4 inches across in the mag. pretty cool. i like taking pictures of animals and i had actually thought of livestock photography as an option for me at one point. i guess there is a picture that i took in a cheese book that just came out too. i'll have to find it and post about that at a later time.

on a side note the boys upstairs are driving me NUTS tonight! there are 2, 17 year olds (twins) that have very heavy feet. i try to remember that they are young and don't know what it's like to spend lots of time getting a baby to sleep only to have them wake up after you sneeze 3 rooms over....but it has spurred conversations between kevin and i about making sure to teach eliot respect and consideration for your neighbors. deep breaths...will eliot every really be 17?? oh my..


Promise Christian Academy said...

such a sweet picture... my Mom has always loved cows (barns and windmills also)and I guess I got the bug.... It must be exciting to have your pictures published!
Hilda Rebecca

Heather L. said...

I love the cow! i have this funny habit of "mooing" at cows when I get close to them -- mostly for the children's benefit, but I find it fun to "talk" to the cows and watch them stare at me like I'm really weird. :) So this cheese book you mentioned -- you'll have to put up the title. Maybe I can eventually find it somewhere -- to see your picture. My Dad wants to know what is the easiest kind of cheese to make. :) i think this yogurt thing is his new hobby. :)

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