Sunday, November 19, 2006

This is my Whip-Up entry for the category of Design. The topic 'alternative craft' got me thinking about what craft is and what is my definition of craft.

This project came to mind because it is not a traditional means of embroidery and drawing. The finished product is on a heavy paper with torn edges. The drawing is in graphite and loosely based on a photograph of me. I embellished the drawing with embroidery and then tea stained the lot to give it a little more depth. I definitely want to keep working like this and see where it goes. I would like to eventually incorporate the embroidery a little more with a little less symbolism but I am happy with this as a personal representation of the past few months!

The embroidery is obviously full of symbolism related to the family tree and pregnancy.

The following are a couple of details:

The is the drawing before I stained it and added the white lines by the face and torso:

I really like the texture the embroidery gives the flat paper. The sound of stitching in paper is fabulous!

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