Friday, November 17, 2006

Starting to feel better slowly.. went out for the first time in a while this evening. Kevin and I walked down to the Pine Street Gallery for a little while to say hi to the gang. It was good practice to nurse in public. I'm still a little awkward without all of my props. On crafting news.. I am almost done with my whipup challenge submission. Not a moment to soon as it looks like there have been a lack of submissions this month. Too bad as I think crafting can be very alternative sometimes. It is hard to think outside the 'box' sometimes. Kevin brought home a couple of art books from the library the other day. One was about paper craft. It made me motivated to try paper mache again. All I have ever succeeded in doing has been a balloon based pinata so a little sculpture would be fun...I really need to write down all of my ideas so I don't forget them! I never seem to remember to have anything handy within arms reach when I am nursing. I'll learn sooner or later!

I tried to take a picture of the leaves blowing to show the wind today but it came out pretty terrible. So.. here is another picture of the boy and his big feet.

And Father and Son:

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