Thursday, October 05, 2006

Still waiting. I thought last night while watching The Big Lebowski I was going to head into labor. Definitely had some stronger contractions that I have been getting. I decided to get some rest and go to bed for a while and see if things progressed but they ended up stopping altogether. Today I have been kind of puttering around the house and napping a lot. I got the first main squares sewn for the little quilt I am working on. Dexter has been entertaining me by rearranging his new 'condo' built from the cardboard box from the diaper pail. Very funny!

Here are some pictures of my favorite walk. I can't wait to take the baby here. We actually saw all of this wildlife on one day and it is in a fairly residential area! Now it is all full of bright leaves:

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Anonymous said...

Those are such beautiful photographs! Thanks for the advice on the darkroom chemicals a while back - I really appreciate it. Good luck with the new baby!

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