Thursday, October 19, 2006

Doctors orders.. no visitors or activities for me! I am not even supposed to do chores around the house. Kind of nice to have permission to do nothing.

I think we are going a little nuts around here... Kevin is playing the Ukulele. Nothing new about that however he is 'reinterpreting' the Lady Lumps song while wearing my huggies breast feeding pillow with Eliot dozing on top. He perfected Burning Ring of Fire while I was pregnant. It is eternally stuck in my head. I think we will have to use that as our walking down the isle song when we finally get married heehee.

Because I am itching to do some crafting I have started to create a breast feeding nook. It is just the couch but it is now outfitted with notebooks and magazines and a book called the Wonder of Boys so that I can do something while I am feeding my very lethargic eater.

This is my favorite craft bag. It is plastic and wonderful. It fits everything I need. I happen to have a picture of it on my computer so I thought In lieu of any new pictures here it is:


Veda said...

hey Jess,

I am sorry to hear that you are allowed no visitors, I hope you get well soon, we'd love to see you!

I am excited for your breastfeeding nook & anything you need to make it more comfortable, let me know!

If you need any crafting supplies while sequestered, please call I make emergency deliveries...hehe

take care

bekka said...

how sweet to hear the soothing strumming of the ukelele!

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