Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My first day off from work consisted mostly of lounging around and taking lots of naps. I spent a lot of time hanging out with the bunny and making lists. Later in the afternoon I got a surge of energy and decided to take a trip to the fabric store. The last one for a little while I think. I'm not much good for doing a lot of walking at this point. I wanted to get some supplies for a baby quilt (surprise) for a friend of mine. I have been inspired by these quilts. I think a nice little embroidery project that I can pick up and put down is about my speed right now.

I usually go for really bright colors but I was feeling pretty earthy yesterday.

This is the fabric I got. The texture doesn't really photograph well but they are a nice medium weight linen and the brown is a fine whale corduroy. In other news.. I have my last pre due date appointment today. The belly is bursting!

And lastly...what happens when a man has nesting instincts?? Power Tools!! He put them to good use and built me a plant shelf/stand thing to go over the current low table I have my plants on in the kitchen. Of course, project started 20 min before he had to go to work but hey.. he got it done!

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