Friday, September 15, 2006

I am not sure if Kevin or I took this picture but I think it is so interesting. It looks very painterly to me. When you click and look at the large version the wings almost look like stained glass. We went to Two Lights State Park and had a picnic. There were SO many Monarch butterflies Kevin was in heaven chasing them around taking pictures. Unfortunately, I realized I am not really able to climb around on the rocks much these days but it was really nice to watch the waves and wear a wool sweater for the first time this year.
This is another project that has been ongoing for a long time. I started out making heavy winter scarves out of this wool material but I realized they are really just too heavy to wear comfortably. I used to knit outside a lot and people would ask if I was making a rug. I always told them no a scarf but I think I finally got the hint. I am attaching my scarves to make a rug for my living room. Looks a lot better than as a scarf I must say! Plus I am sure Dexter Rabbit will enjoy it more than skidding around on the wood floor.

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