Thursday, January 31, 2013

Voodoo Cancer Doll

Here is another, slightly different, knitting project I finished right after Christmas.  My best friend in art school was my buddy John.  He is an artist in NYC and I don't get to see him nearly enough anymore.  He has been fighting cancer for the last several years.  He has a comic where he drew pictures of himself in cartoon form fighting off the cancer monster (I can't find it online right now but I will update this if he puts it back up).  I took the drawings he did and made him a cancer voodoo doll to cheer him up a little while dealing with treatment.

A drawstring bag with instructions for use.

It was knitted with the leftover yarn from the little pants I made for Willow.  I winged it but basically I knitted it like a hat with a long skinny tail and lots of I cords for tentacles.  I had some felted wool I used for the teeth.


Any good voodoo doll needs some pins so I made shrinky dink pin toppers.  They were really easy to make and very rewarding.  You can use any #6 plastic so take out containers that you get salads in work perfectly.   

Color on them with permanent markers, stick the pin in with the image side toward the top of the pin, put them on a baking pan at 300 or so and about 30sec - 1min later you have cancer fighting John heads.  You can tell they are done when they stop shriveling up and are flat and thick.  We colored some and used hole punches so we could string them later, too.


Hopefully it works!  He said it made him laugh so it fulfilled the objective.  

Here are the links to the knitting projects I have been working on:

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Heather L. said...

Whoa! Talk about a whole bunch of posts from you!!!! You are so creative! You made up that entire doll pattern yourself? What a thoughtful thing to do for your friend! I'm sure he LOVED it!

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