Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Power of Two

The cuteness factor has doubled around here big time.  These two can't get enough of each other!  Willow squeals with delight whenever Eliot comes in the room and babbles to him when she can't see him to call him back.  Eliot eats up the extra attention.  I hope these two have forged a bond that will last for life.  

Willow is now 7 months old (in a few days).  How time does fly.  She is rolling both ways and can sit up with support.  She is not quite sitting on her own yet but I don't think it will be long.  I don't think she will walk or crawl as quickly as Eliot as he is at her beck and call to get things she drops.  She is a snugly, sensitive little sleeper.  I shouldn't have been surprised as Eliot was a tricky sleeper, too.  But as long as we are all getting sleep I am not complaining.  She is still nursing like a champ and has started some solids.  She likes avocado and banana so far.  

She loves when Kevin plays the guitar to her and it will stop a grumpy tantrum in its tracks.  She also likes to bang on everything (including Eliot's head)!  She will happily bang on the table with a wooden spoon long enough for me to make dinner.  She is making all kinds of sounds now like: lalalal, babaabaa and mamamama along with screams and grunts.  The kid loves to hear herself talk.  

As for Eliot he is acing math and getting really good at reading.  We are plowing through 1st grade right now.  We haven't made all of the decisions about home school or public school next year.  He is growing like a weed and eating everything in sight.  He is such a great big brother and talks about how much he loves his little sister to anyone who asks.  He is enjoying the snow this winter and has set up a bird watching station in front of the window to document 'The Animal World'.

As for me my crafting has taken a turn towards knitting.  I have completed a few projects that I will try to get pictures of soon.  I am excellent at unraveling things and starting over.  My goal is a sweater for Willow.  If I can do that I will call myself a knitter.  I have lots of other ideas in mind and my pinterest account is full of inspiration.  I know the time will come so I am content to sit and think, nurse and snuggle for now.

My camera is still dusty for lack of use.  But - I have started the planning of using it which is the first step for me.  I have a few pictures in my head that I want to get out soon.  

I keep thinking ahead to spring and to my garden and warm air.  It is in the negative degrees out right now, but at least it is sunny.  It also makes the spring and summer all the sweeter for it.  Lots of tea please!

Here's to the new year and new projects!

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Heather L. said...

Oh I love hearing an update from you!!! What fun that the two kids are getting along so well and loving each other!! David and Laura are the best buddies -- it is so cute!!

You are already a knitter! My goodness! I hope you are able to get that sweater for willow finished as you like it!! It's so frustrating having so many ideas and not being able to do them, isn't it?!!! I know I shouldn't be talking because my kids are older and I have more time than you but do you know I think I'm even more frustrated now!!! Ha ha ha! We will never be satisfied creatively on this earth, I don't think. Which is actually probably a good thing.....We are meant to be creative.

How wonderful that Eliot is doing so well with his studies!!! I'm assuming you are teaching him this year then?

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