Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Finished Doll

I finished the Jess Brown knock off doll yesterday.  I ended up hand sewing her dress during snips of time when Eliot was either taking a bath or entertaining himself.  It would have gone a lot faster by machine but I haven't been able to set it up much lately due to lack of space.  Give and take.

The hand sewing methods I learned by reading and doing the Alabama Chanin projects have come in handy several times, including this one. The seams are really sturdy.  I think I would still like to make her a little scarf and jacket in time.  

It was also nice to use up some of the bias tape I had found at yard sales a couple of summers ago.  I'm surprised I was able to find it buried in my craft piles!  I like the bright contrast to her cotton body.

I've started another rabbit doll that I will share once I put her together.  Eliot wants a 'man version' for himself.  He said I could probably sell her for a lot of money, maybe $20.  I have an entrepreneur on my hands I think.  I told him if he could come up with something to make I would help him sell it.  We'll see if it pans out.

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Heather L. said...

She is beautiful!!! I can't wait until I can make dolls again.

So cute that Eliot wants to make and sell stuff. My kids are all about that! I wish I could think of some things for them to make......Andrew made ornaments at Christmas. The thing is, it takes time for the mom! :)

I talked to my aunt and she said she is going to sheer her sheep but the wool is the very coarse type used in tweeds. I guess a friend of hers makes dolls for charity and uses the wool for the hair! Isn't that cute! I think my aunt will send me some wool (probably unprocessed) so we'll have to see what it is like.....

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