Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Updates and outdoors

The fish tank is moving along. It has the driftwood in it and the fish seem to love it. I had to fashion some weights with gravel stuffed inside some old paisley tights to hold them down. I am building up a hill on the right side but I didn't have enough of the good gravel to cover it. So, back to the fish store I go.

We took another trip over to the Audubon this weekend. Eliot had a blast climbing over the huge logs that had fallen down with all of the wind we have had. I had fun taking pictures without mittens on for a change. We have had some warm weather. I am happy with it! I'm planning on a rug session later tonight if I can get Eliot to bed and curl up in front of Hulu - so much for not having a TV.

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