Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrap Buster

Now that we have more light at the end of the day I have been peering into my doll house with a photographer's eye again. Eliot has been playing with it more, too. I had to take and put away most of the delicate furniture but he is enjoying putting his figurines and cars in there.

I found this treasure way back when I found that haul of vintage patterns. The Weave-It was in one of the smaller notions boxes. I wasn't sure what I would do with it but I have been interested in weaving in general for a long time. I liked making those pot holders when I was a kid so I figured I would think up a way to use it at some point.

I decided to warp it (didn't follow any directions) to see what would happen if I wove some of the wool scraps from my rug projects. It was a little tricky with this device but I think there is potential for an offshoot project with my little scraps. The wool wove in nice and tight and I think with a proper tool to push the pieces down it could be another interesting rug.

I have a fairly large frame that used to have canvas on it back from my art school days that I think I am going to turn into a simple loom. Isn't it amazing how new ideas come so rapidly when you start working on a new project?

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Heather L. said...

Now that is an idea!!!! I could build one of those for my kids -- well, I could get Michael to. :) Think of all the itty-bitty scraps I throw away that could be woven into something!! hmmmm..... I think I'll forward this post onto Michael and see what he thinks.

I love the extra light too!!!

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