Thursday, July 16, 2009

the very busy day

yesterday was about the busiest day a kid could have. first eliot gets up with his mama as usual and then i head off to work. I therefore i give photo, and fun, credit for the top three pictures to kevin.

daddy and eliot started off on their morning jaunt to the coffee shop when they walked by the fire station near our house. they happened upon it during a shift change so there were firemen and firetrucks all out in the yard. eliot was invited to come and sit in the firetruck and then he actually got a ride in it when the pulled it back into the garage! eliot thinks firemen are the coolest people on earth so the day started off with a bang.

then as they were about to get to the coffee shop there was a fancy harley chopper parked on the side walk that eliot was checking out. the owner of the bike took a fancy to eliot and let him 'ride' it at and play on it. eliot was very impressed as his other favorite people are motorcycle riders.

then, after coffee, they headed to the farmers market where eliot danced and sang with his friend olive to the music of one of our local celebrities Samuel James.

about this time i get home from work, send kevin off, and eliot and i head on our way to the clam festival. he did take a tiny nap in the car on the way to yarmouth so he was rearing to go for the rides and fried dough. i was very impressed at his bravery on the car ride but i guess after a day like he had it was old hat.

he slept extremely well after that very busy day!


Heather L. said...

Quite a busy and fun day for Eliot! :)

Voom Voom Veda said...

What fun! Portland in summer, with toddler in tow....he is getting so sweet!
We miss you guys!

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