Monday, July 06, 2009

start with a haircut...

i need to start with the haircut. kevin was much more prompt about posting this on his blog but i had to add it here too, so cute. we went to 'ben the barber' in town. it is a small shop with one seat and a hip young barber. you have to wait your turn, he doesnt take any appointments. we arived early with one person ahead of us. eliot watched as he got his hair cut while staying very safely in my lap. when it was his turn he very bravely sat in the booster seat and held my hand through the whole thing (i did take a few pictures though). he had a very serious face on but didnt move a muscle. for the $8 it cost us i am definitely doing this again! no more mama haircuts for this little guy. the best part was the lollipop he got at the end. he talked about that for a long time.

gratuitous cuteness and he has ears!

a sunny day several weeks ago at my mothers house i dug out the 'tub' and he had a fun nude dude afternoon. we have been lucky to have sun the past two days, too. everyone is talking about it and it seems southern maine is getting their inner solar batteries recharged.

other updates include the headaches getting marginally better. im going to start adding in some eliminated foods soon to see what happens.

i am busily identifying plants for some foraging adventures. the few that i am interested in that are easily identify include: rose hips, wild chamomile, cat tails, clovers and honeysuckle berries with maybe a crab apple if i can find one. i feel a little weird collecting things in public spaces but i suppose it's fair game unless otherwise posted.

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Heather L. said...

The haircut is great!! Makes him look so grown up. :) Excellent price too!

That's so fun that you are into foraging, etc. i hope you come up with something yummy from the rosehips. I sometimes wonder about gathering in public places, but it hasn't stopped me yet. It was slightly embarrassing carrying an armload of sticks up from our walking path and explaining to people that they were for my tomato stakes. :)

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