Sunday, July 12, 2009

CSA and visits

My dad just left from a two week visit to Maine from his current residence in Houston, TX. He beat the heat and brought some sun to us at the tail end. We did lots of fun things while he was here and Eliot thought he was quite a fun guy.

Here they are, Dad testing his linguistic skills with Fox in Sox.

Foraging through the woods at Broadturn farm on our CSA pick up day.

There is a little waterfall with a small pool on the farm property. The water is so high right now and it was so muddy to get down there that it felt like quite an adventure. I have had the desire to photograph Maine waterfalls for a while now. I have a great map (Delorme, atlas and gazateer) that shows their locations. No better time than now to start!

The chickens, ducks and turkey chicks at the farm have been growing SO fast. It is fun to check their weekly progress. This is from last week. This week the chickens are at their awkward teenager faze - in between baby fuzz and real feathers.

A stop to give the baby bunny some clover. I keep forgetting to take a picture of the pigs. I think I am always holding Eliot because I am paranoid he is going to touch the electric fence. Hopefully the sun will stay out for the vegetables to grow! We certainly started this on an off year, but I am happy for it just the same.

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Pam Strayer said...

Great photos, Jessica. Loved the spider web.

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