Tuesday, April 22, 2008

being a kid

eliot is qucikly turning into a little kid. he really likes the playground. he can hold his own pretty well with the 'big kids' and started to go down the slide by himself. he is looking so much more like a kid than a baby. he still loves to cuddle and be held like a baby, i will have a hard time letting that go.

this is at a beach park pretty close to us. out of picture range is a pack of teenagers swearing a blue streak. i will have reservations about bringing eliot back there after school hours. on one hand i was glad they were hanging out in a place where there were adults around but on the other hand it would have been nice if they kept the language away from the playground. one of those thoughts to ponder in the future. eliot fits right in with the way he says beach. it sounds an awful lot like a similar b word.

such fun at the beach.. not so much leaving the beach.

more interesting plants at the other ocean side park.

and in an attempt to thwart chair and table scaling i gave eliot a piece of paper and some crayons. he liked banging them into the paper, hasn't quite gotten the subtleties of drawing, or scribbling yet. i think he was more interested in organizing the crayon box. play ended when ingestion of crayons began. repeat temper tantrum shown above.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


these images seem a little more fall than spring to me but i couldnt help but take them. i took so many pictures of these whispy seed pods while hunting for buds and green. i was playing around with photoshop editing this particular shot, and i couldnt decide if i liked the black and white or color picture more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

quiz and figure 8

lets start today with a quiz. what do all of the following objects have in common? witty answer will come at the bottom of the post.

first, let me say, i am a horrible knitter. i dont find it relaxing, in fact, it makes me a little tense. the part i like.. the repetition. all i know how to do is knit, no purling here. i can barely cast on. but.. i decided to try making a cowl neck scarf/hat thingy (great blog by the way) that i have seen floating around in blog land. i have had a pair of circular needles hanging around for a while so i thought i would give it a try. the yarn is a combo of brown and white wool from a local farm.

it took me forever to try and figure out how to knit in a circle. i really thought i had it. i even got into it about 6 inches by the time i figured out 1. i wasnt going to have enough yarn to even get close to the length i needed. 2. it was looking an awful lot like a knit, purl to me.. odd. and 3. i was making a figure 8 that couldnt be straitened out. so.. yesterday morning the unraveling began. good thing i dont really get attached to knitting. now, i am knitting it on #10's (or 15's?) as a big rectangle that i will sew together when i get the right length. much more my speed.

this is before the unraveling.

and.. our first glimpses of pussy willows. i love these, so pretty and simple. i think they would make a nice quilt motif.

and.. the answer to the quiz: a sampling of the items i had to pry out of eliots mouth today. does the oral fixation ever stop?!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

time out

has it been a week already? i have been working through a late winter/early spring funk. its been working itself out through knitting, sewing and sleeping. the more sleep the better! it is nice to turn the heat off and open the windows to let in some sea breeze. spring is starting to show itself more and more.

i have finally finished the two little dresses i have been talking about. these took a lot more sweat and seam ripping than i had initially envisioned. i am happy with the final result. a few more goes at these would do me good.

i will be sharing some glimpses of spring this week as i get my sewing legs back. i have a new project to start this week that is a lot less three dimensional and a lot bigger.

Monday, April 07, 2008

up to

this is what we have been up to lately.

flying some birds...

working on a couple of summer dresses...

and finishing up projects...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

web updates

before i go to bed and right after indulging in my new favorite treat, cinnamon toast, i thought i would post some of the pictures i am working on for alittlebunny.com

this one has such an annoying flare that i dont think i can post it. i tried to edit it out but i am probably better off just re shooting.

my favorite little helper. he loves the camera, especially looking at the pictures on the view screen after they have been shot. he still refers to himself as baby when he sees himself in pictures. very sweet.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

a week in pictures

there has been some serious blog neglect here recently, i apologize. i have been busy with a few projects and with spring around the corner we have been able to get out side a little bit more. it has been a welcome change.

eliot has discovered the great joy of taking the head of barbie. unfortunately, he cant quite get it off himself so he comes running over to me with a very serious face and yells "baeeee!.....ooee". Translation.. take barbies head off mom. laughter always follows.

also, recently discovered, the joy of mamas shoes. he can do this himself now, shuffling around the house. i dont really wear heels very often but when i do he is right there to offer a helping hand. seeing this picture of our hallway makes me realize how desperately we need to hang up some art! so bare..

various dinner experiments from the 'great foods fast' book. roasted acorn squash and shallots. this will be a repeat.
fun at the playground.

a commissioned stuffed animal i just finished up. here is a little peek of her in progress. this was a nice little break from clothes making. i am now in the process of making a couple of little girl dresses. i will get some pictures of my progress up soon.

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