Friday, September 19, 2008

with a bang

i was going to title this post 'poop' but i decided against it since i have been away for a while. i will go into that in a moment. i have had a nice hiatus from doing anything majorly electronic outside of work. unfortunately, we haven't been on a honeymoon..i would like to report about palm trees and long naps but it has pretty much been wedding recovery/same ol.

i think i will do a recap in a bulleted list of lots of topics i have been thinking about blogging but haven't so i can clear my mind:

  • eliot pooped on the potty for the first time today! he sat on it to pee yesterday twice and seems to be pretty open to suggestion about it. im sure that will be an ongoing post subject.
  • watching the giant cruise ships go in and out of the harbor.
  • finished animal vegetable mineral and loved every sentence of it. i have since bought 3 more books about various whole food endeavors including home cheese making, bread making and preserving food.
  • the weather and cooking has changed. lots of soups (butternut squash was a hit), porridge and apple based deserts.
  • speaking of the weather it's COLD out! first frost last night inland and somewhere in the neighborhood of the low 60's all day today. I've pulled out the scarfs at least.
  • and more weather related news my dad, who lives in houston, is still without power and safe drinking water! he is camping in his house, not much fun.
  • doing a lot of dreaming about farms or houses with enough land for a garden and maybe a chicken coop.
  • going to the cumberland fair this sunday.
  • married life is good : )
  • i am up to letter F on my quilt... the baby was born so i need to hurry up!
  • glasses...that has been ongoing too. i received my new pair of long range glasses, had them tweak them and they broke at the dr's office.. at least that wasn't my fault. then.. they got another pair and broke them too
  • im sure i am missing something...but, whatever it is im sure it will be fodder for another post.

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Heather L. said...

What a great job, Eliot! Way to go. That first poo is always something to celebrate. I wish David was interested in the potty. :(

Ever since reading A,V,M i've wanted to make mozzarella. It sounds so easy. once I have some money to throw around I'm ordering the rennet, etc from the company she mentioned. I ended up having to make 4 gallons of yogurt last week after accidentally leaving 5 gallons of milk in the car overnight(organic, raw, grass-fed milk!).

I'm off to try to turn 2 bushels of apples into applesauce. Wish me luck--I've never done this before. :)

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