Sunday, September 21, 2008

the fair

there are two big fairs going on in maine this weekend, the cumberland fair and the common ground fair. they both are quite different although i think ultimately have the same goals in mind. at the cumberland fair you will find tractor pulls, 4h clubs and fried dough. at the common ground fair you will find drum circles, composting toilets and and amazing array of information about sustainable and organic farming. we chose the cumberland fair this year because of its close proximity to town and i like how accessible the animals are there. i grew up in cumberland too so it is a little bit sentimental for me. i do wish we could make it to both.

many beautiful cows, sheep, goats you name it. eliot was particularly enamored with the angora rabbits and, of course, the tractors. by the time we were ready to leave the tractor area was wall to wall with little toddling boys, they are boy magnets.

the draft horses are so gigantic. despite their size they seem much more mellow than the smaller varieties. watching them work is really impressive. we also saw the canadian mounted police line up for their demonstration with at least 30 riders in full gear.

kevin has a way with pigs. they were all taking a nap until he went in and started oinking. this one was very curious.
and the chickens. the varieties are endless and all fascinating. i just love being around all of these animals it really makes me happy. i think im in the wrong profession! i should have been a farmer. if i can think of a way to be a farmer in portland i will gladly share it here.


Anonymous said...

I think you should have at least a few friends on the city council. It would help change the zoning. Two should be plenty

Heather L. said...

Boy do I love fairs!!! What a great shot of the pig!

Pam Strayer said...

The portrait of Eliot on the latest blog is marvelous! I hope you have a print.
Loved catching up....Pam

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