Tuesday, September 23, 2008

cars and trucks

a grainy little portrait for today. i took this prior to his new haircut. im good at getting the back right but i still cant quite get the bangs to cooperate. i ended up to short again so he looks like a little friar.

eliot doesnt latch onto the stuffed animals as much as he used to anymore. he has moved onto trucks and cars pretty much full time. yesterday he took everything he owned with wheels and lined them all up on his bookcase. he kept exclaiming 'look a mall!" translation-look at them all! i now have to nurse jeeps and trains instead of cuddly lions and bears.

i tried my first recipe from the bread book i bought. i made crackers. they came out nicely although i could have rolled them thinner and cooked them a tad longer. armed with that knowledge the next batch will be spectacular. i want to get some interesting spices and maybe try them with whole wheat or a mix of other flours. i ordered a kitchen aid mixer, i cant wait for it to come! i have been having a good time in the kitchen lately and i keep thinking that someday when i have more than 3 feet of counter space and a stove that functions properly i will be able to put together some good dinner parties.

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