Friday, December 08, 2006

Kevin has been busy making snowflakes again this year. They are quite elaborate. It is hard to take a good picture out a window..especially of a white object but you get the picture. The one in the upper right is my favorite so far. There are some other 'porn flakes' which are quite funny. He is very adept with scissors. I unfortunately can't seem to visualize the final product when my paper is all folded up. Quite a talent I tell you.

This is how the baby is carried around most of the time these days. He snuggles right in to the sling and is covered up by our winter coats. It is quite convenient and we know he is warm enough. Most of the time he gets a little too warm. It is a great way to knock him out if he just won't take a nap. I hope he takes to the stroller just as well for the sake of any future babysitters! We tried it the other day and he screamed the whole time. I think he was a little grumpy to begin with so round two will happen again fairly soon.

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