Saturday, December 09, 2006

Directions for using the Bamboosteamer Cooker we got for a presant swap

Operation Instruction:

1. Please wash steam-cooker with water slightly before first time using.

2. This steam cooker made of nature bamboo. in first time, boiling water remains light-brown water color due nature bamboo, no harm health.

3. Please clean and dry it under sun or shadow after use.

4. If no clean, it will easy to be spoiled.

5. If no use for long time, please pack in plastic bag or paper to any dry place.

6. No any dyeing or materials problem, quality guaranteed.


kris said...

is that clear? i wouldn't want you to be confused now...!

kris said...

ah a melbourne fan! well - if you guys are ever in town give me a yell and we'll catch up. its amazing how this internet business creates communities. i love it.


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