Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why Hello!

Hello there!  It has been a while... This winter has been packed full of cabin fever and chasing a very busy toddler.  Not too much crafting going on, a lot more cooking than crafting in fact.  I have some more crock pot meals to share as soon as I get some links straitened out.  Here are some recent photos to get my feet wet a bit:

A rare date night, or afternoon technically, to a Vietnamese noodle bar.  The Pho is amazing and really huge.

A trip with the kiddos and their cousins to Joker's.  Willow just wants to be just like her brother, it is SO cute.  Willow got stuck in the giant fun house so I had to go in and get her.  That was a challenge!  I was actually sore the next day - I guess I need to start working out.

Very serious about the video games.

Willow is an insane climber.  It is a constant battle to keep her off the tables, chair arms, back of the couch, etc.  She has a book that she loves called Pete's a Pizza about a boy who's Dad puts him on a table and pretends to make him into a pizza.  It took me a while to figure out that's what she was trying to do here.  I can't wait until spring where she can go climb everything outside!

Pouty little tired face.  

Another rare Mama alone moment  Cup of tea and knitting.  I am almost done with this shawl, another 2 inches to go!  I have been knitting it for nearly a year now.  Thankfully I still like it and it is easy to tote around.

Whew that is the last two weeks or so in recap.  I hope to get on here more often now that I am finding my photography groove again.  Here's to a rapid onset of warm weather and snow melt, perhaps a few moments of creative pause as well.


Ingrid Roeder said...

LOVE your blog!!!


Heather L. said...

Yay!!!! I LOVE the food picture of the Pho! Wish I had some of that around here!!! Can't believe how big Willow is and isn't she too cute??!!! And of course the tea and shawl picture also has to be a favorite -- love the shawl stripes and can't wait to see it finished. Started a pink shawl for spring -- I hope i can finish it. :)

Alison said...

Looking forward to your crockpot recipes! Willow is adorable - love the pic of her on the table :)

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