Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Spring

We are watching the amaryllis bloom in hopes of the outside flowers coming up.

Watching the birds (or booya's as Willow calls them).

Cataloging, folding and sorting the cloth diapers to sell / give away.  A chapter closes.  She is still in diapers I just don't have the energy for cloth this time.

Howling at the full moon.

 Drinking hot chocolate

Trying to decide what to do with scraps.


1 comment:

Heather L. said...

oh scraps!!!!! I want t make a quick quilt so badly! We just moved the front room little sofa into the dining room to see if it will help absorb noise -- it is crazy loud in there when we have lots of people. WE got the carpets cleaned this week and moved all the furniture in there and couldn't believe that our voices stopped dead in their tracks after leaving our mouths instead of traveling all over the room. A quilt on the back of the sofa would be so nice. Anyway....I have two weeks of spring break starting this afternoon!!!!! Hoping to do some fun sewing. I am saving vintage sheets and embroidered things to make a quilt out of sometime. I also have my calico scraps. Need to see if I have the makings of a quilt or if I need to go to Joanns....don't want the quilt to be too feminine for Michael's sake. Also hoping I could sew up a few nice aprons maybe?? Oh and maybe a pillow or two for sofa. We'll see what actually happens....

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