Wednesday, September 07, 2011

A belated update:

The crazy garden at the peak of its wildness. Lots of herbs, beans and a tomato jungle. I got hit with powdery mildew and lost all of my pumpkins and squash but I still have one that is hanging in there. We have plans to build two more boxes and I want to move the perennial herbs into the yard if our soil tests come back OK. Not to mention the 'great honeysuckle removal project' in preparation for a spring tree planting. Just typing that out makes me hot and tired!

The carrots were really good. They were a tad short and I didn't thin them enough but they tasted, and looked, great.

Eliot likes to pretend he is a bunny and eats the veggies out of the garden. Fine with me!

The calendula I planted is still going strong. I plan to make some soap and bath sachets this winter. I had a mad rush before Irene to pick, dry and otherwise store herbs. The garden is pretty flat right now but at least the tomatoes all survived.

Here is a little craft update while I'm at it. This is the 2nd of the Alabama Chanin shirts I've made. This one is almost done now. I will post some finished products soon. This is two thrifted t-shirts sandwiched with some reverse applique. Next up will be a dress with stencils and some quilting...

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