Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting Inspired

I am fighting cabin fever by trying to get outside here and there. I didn't take back much of the garden this fall in the flurry of moving in (which according to some gardening books I have been reading is actually a good thing) so I have been admiring the leftover skeletons. I think this could make an interesting quilt design, or wood cut. This is my current basket of strips for the rug. I found two more blue sweaters this past weekend which are disassembled and ready to be cut up too. I have a nice sharp blade ready and waiting.

I put up some of my bits of ephemera that have been cluttering up my desk onto a cork board in my sewing room. I want to make a rug that is a large compass rose. I think they have some great design possibilities.

This is Eliot's basket, which looks a lot like mine. This is a small bit of my scraps that he cuts into small squares and strings for his rug project. It is nice to give him something to work on while I am working. I hope that this looks well enough to make a fairly large rug. I have TON's of scraps!

Bird watching is our usual pastime. It's like yard TV.

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