Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Vacation II

More vacation pictures....

The sunsets were so beautiful they lit up even the simplest things and turned them into photographic subjects.

Crafting with the kids. It was so rewarding to pass on the rug making techniques I have been working on to an enthusiastic listener. I am putting together a little kit for her and her mom to work on.

Can't beat this location for making things.

The kids did so well over the week. This sums up the energy and excitement of it all.

Wrapping up the week with a fire on the beach and as many s'mores as you could eat.

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Heather L. said...

Rachel or Andrew would also be eager learners. :) We are studying the 50 states in geography this year and Maine is our first state!!! I'm excited -- have ordered brochures, library books, read-aloud books, etc.And, we get to make one food -- blueberry something for sure!! Probably pancakes. And other ideas you have would be welcome.

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