Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Necessity Crafting

Some very quick, makeshift curtains were made this week. The sun coming into the apartment has been pretty intense and I have been pretty lazy about curtains. But, as luck would have it, Kevin and I had a date night and checked out the new Mardens. Mardens is a salvage shop that we frequent for great deals. They just took over an old WalMart store and it was amazingly overwhelming. I was giddy over their fabric department. Everything including organic cotton, Joel Dewbury fabrics and other tons of good stuff for 3$ a yard. I am never going to Jo Ann's again!

The fruit of that trip was some new curtains. I really didn't intentionally want the fabric for that purpose but they will do for now and I can always take them down later and make something else with it. Plus it is nice to have fabric I like on display.

That new/old lamp I found recently in the basement of my work place.

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