Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blogging Bus

We have been keeping busy being outdoors this past week. The weather has been cooperating pretty well. Eliot is almost done with preschool for the summer - I am curious to see if he will miss it or not. We have been getting creative around here, too. Kevin has started carving again and I have a new rug idea I am working out.

Here is a start of that. This is about the width of my hand. I am thinking about doing something a little more free form once I finish the other beaded wool rug.

I picked out my top 5 favorite patterns from my haul and decided on this shirt as my first attempt. The instructions are clear and it was already cut out. I'm winging it as far as size goes and just following the pattern exactly. I've cut out the fabric in a lightweight, dark blue gingham. I've never made a shirt before so we will see what happens...

Eliot, Kevin and I took a drive down to Camp Ellis last weekend and had a nice time roaming around on the beach and 'fishing' off of a small dock.

I took lots of blurry seagull pictures. They were following Eliot around because he was eating an apple - he thought it was about the greatest show ever.

I am trying to get a little more proactive about my postings again. Back on the blogging bus.

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