Thursday, August 25, 2011

Harpswell Vacation

We had our annual vacation up in Harpswell, ME again this year. We had mostly lovely weather and lots of fun with the kids. It is so nice to get them all together again to spend some unplugged time as a family. Summer light is just the best. We nicknamed this beach 'Sea Glass Beach' while we were there and the other cove as 'Hermit Crab Cove'.

Got to do some family pictures, too! My brother and Eliot (such a ham):

Silly family photo:

Lobster yoga:

Now we are gearing up for the possible hurricane. I am more worried about my tomatoes than anything else!

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Heather L. said...

Love the picture of Eliot on the beach with the stones. And the lobster yoga is pretty funny too!! My sister is leaving for Maine next Sunday. She and her family will stay in their extended family cottage up there (near Camden somewhere) and of course we are jealous. Am knitting a red lobster for little John.

My other sister and mother are out on Long Island right now visiting friends. Instead of having fun, they are getting ready for the hurricane (well, I'm sure they are having fun too.

One of these days I will write you an email too!

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