Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More off camera lighting

More experiments with lighting:

What to do when it's 90 degrees out? Jump on the couch and take lot's of pictures! Some geeky photo notes for those of you who are interested. I was light on the photoshop with these. The results are so great right out of camera with the lights. I've got to get my portable power up and running so I can bring them to the beach!

Shoot through umbrella/ab600

shoot through umbrella/ab600

Oh how he does love his picture taken. He is very easy to direct.

Canon speedlight w/ Gary Fong diffuser.

I figured I could whip out a shot of him with the moon and sky with fill flash in no time. This took me longer than all of the others! I am not as intuitive with my Speedlight as I would like...yet.

ab600/30 degree gridspot

This is direct, hard lighting. Not really a great mode for kid shots but the experiments continue.


Clara said...

These are gorgeous!!

Heather L. said...

I LOVE the top photo!!! Thanks for sharing your experiments as they are education for me!!!

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