Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It has been a busy week! Sorry for the lack of posting. When work gets busy it pretty much drains my evening energy. February always is a tired month for me too. But, hopefully, we have passed the apex of winter and will be slowly working our way towards spring. We have had no snow for several weeks while the rest of the country is getting slammed. It's cold but sunny.

Eliot and I went to the beach yesterday and wandered around on mudflats. we actually found a live clam and nearly froze my fingers trying to get it out of the mud to show him. An unexpected bonus of the trip was finding some great driftwood for the fish tank. I only wish I had a saw with me! And we have some fish now! Granted, they are cycling fish, so I hope they make it through these next few weeks - but it is nice to see them swimming around.

I'll try to post more this week...I am working on a tutorial for the rug, too.

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