Monday, March 23, 2009

dancing and sleeping

i took a little picture of eliot sleeping through his bedroom door. he is in a 'big boy bed' now. it is a captains style bed with lots of drawers for odds and ends and toys. it is a great space saver for us. he is so cute when he sleeps all cuddled up in flannel. a sweet little side note: out of all of his stuffed animals he has grown very fond of my old favorite, lamby. she is a haggard old lamb but he has connected with her. it makes me smile endlessly that she is receiving as much love now as she did when i was a wee babe.

our new 'front room' as we call it is our living room. it has bay windows that let in a ton of light. i hope i can get some seeds started in here (i bought seed starting mix and some awesome scented geraniums today). it is also very good for dancing and spinning.

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