Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We officially have a mobile unit. He is crawling as fast as his little legs will carry him.. which really isn't too fast but fast enough to have to keep a close eye on him. He is a strong little guy! He has a blast chasing after the bunny. I think Dexter likes the extra attention. In this picture he was holding on so tight, pushing and pulling his little arms. He was so excited! He didn't get up there by himself...although I don't think it will be too long before he figures it out. And yes, boys can wear pink.

This is my favorite picture from this past weekend. It was taken on Mothers day at the Cape. He was pretty into this ball. He couldn't quite get a grip on it but he could really travel on the carpeted floors.

And the food... He likes avocado the best so far. I tried putting him in his seat again to see if he would sit up. He prefers to lean in on the table so I'd say he is still not quite ready yet. At least not for feeding time. It must be fun to mush food around though. There is definitely more on his face and the table than in his belly in this case. Today we tried out banana. It was a pretty good success. I think apples and maybe green beans will be next. I am glad that fresh veggies will be coming soon!

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