Friday, April 13, 2007

With snow (about 3 inches and it's almost all melted) behind us and a Nor'easter of rain ahead of us I am looking forward to hunkering down for nice visits this weekend. Simon will be over on Saturday and Tim and Trisha on Sunday. Visitors are also a good reason to clean the house. Usually the only reason.

I think Eliot is getting more teeth as he has been very cranky today and drooling like a broken faucet. This:

is supposed to be the best teething device ever. For $20 bucks I think I'll keep giving him the damp washcloth and plastic rings.

This is a website I have been looking at recently:

It has a lot of nice links to quality children's toys. It is giving me ideas for our next apartment when Eliot will have a little more of his own space.

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