Thursday, March 01, 2007

I call this...Spaghetti Surprise. It tasted as good as it looks. We are at about the bare minimum of food right now. It is that critical point where you need to go to the store or eat flower for dinner. I decided to toss in a bunch of frozen vegetables and garlic with olive oil. I should have left it at that...but no... I added tomato paste and red wine to try and make it a little more saucy. Didn't work. And yes, for some reason the tea pot is on top of the coffee maker. wedding related news...Kevin and I went searching for a place last weekend to get hitched. Not much luck but we went and walked around on Higgins Beach for a while. That was nice although a little windy. Kevin always looks a little pregnant when he is wearing the baby. I need to remember to bring the sun shade for my camera next time I shoot in bright overhead sun. It did create some nice stary looking sunbursts though. I'm off to hunker down for the impending snow storm..and try and dig up something more appetizing for dinner!

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