Monday, November 08, 2010

Little Stitches and Little Surprises

Here is an updated progress on the little gift I am working on. Lot's of little stitches I have done. Lot's of little stitches to go. Along the way with this one I have another idea that should be in the works soon for another little one. So many little ones right now. I have more than one past due present that I haven't started yet!

A newish member to the tank. Actually there are two but this one is the feisty one. Two Gold Gouramis. They beg like dogs for food whenever you walk by. Kind of charming for a fish.

The last of the flowers are gone from the garden. Especially after the wild wind we had last night! I was so happy to see these blooming in our garden this fall. It was a nice little surprise, and they make such long lasting cut flowers! Having flowers in the house has been wonderful. I hadn't really thought about having a cut flower bed but I have been rehashing garden plans to include one.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Another Catch Up

It has been a while! We are still settling and enjoying our new space. I have been working on some projects again as I get my studio in order. I plan on taking a few snaps this weekend to show you what I have been up to. There are a lot of garden plans and chicken research that has been rattling around in my head for spring. For now a few catch up pictures:

Under the bridge at Cousins Island.
My Halloween lion and Kevin's fabulous pumpkin carving.

A little fall foraging. Eliot and I found some tea berry in the woods and made some tea. It doesn't taste like much, even after steeping for 10 minutes. It has a very mild minty flavor. I will try to find some this spring now that I know where to look to see if new shoots taste any better.

The birthday boy at 4 years old!
He was so excited about his balloons. He has a big fixation with them right now. He won't let me get rid of the deflated ones even after a month. This is a peek into his new room, too. I plan to take down the wall paper and spruce it up a bit at some point. He likes it right now so I figure it gives me time to plan.

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